Instructor: Gennifer Gunter


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Our Hospitality class provides students with an introductory overview on the hospitality and tourism industry. Classes may include discussions regarding restaurants, lodging establishments, conventions and exposition operations.


Students are also introduced to the administrative aspects of the hospitality field. This includes management, human resources and general marketing subjects.



Instructor: Shelly Madison



Cosmetology/Barbering is the practice of beautifying the face, hair and skin. This course prepares students to complete the State Cosmetology Licensing Board examination and is designed for the student who is focused on cosmetology or Barbering as a career.


Prior to completing the State Licensing exam, 1500 training hours are required; these hours can be completed in one and a half to two years (depending on the student’s level of commitment).  


Students will have the opportunity to attend class during school breaks after completing their first 350 required training hours.


Graduates of the program may take the State Board Exam to qualify as a licensed beautician.




Instructor: Hosea Turner Jr.

This “how to” course includes an overview of the radio and television industry in the United States. Students will learn the production process in both radio and television fields. As well as the dynamics of creating programs for target markets. Participants will produce and direct programs for distribution.